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Using Cloud Services to Retrieve Data During Canadian Winter Storms


Cloud services become much more important when companies realize how it can save their lives in specific disaster situations. While natural disasters are occurring all over the world on a more frequent basis, winter storms can wreak havoc on businesses. With the Polar Vortex affecting much of North America last year, many businesses were affected due to the storms, including here in Canada. CBS News reported earlier this year that retail businesses lost a total of $5 billion due to the storm. In those cases, it was due to lack of customers rather than having to close down.

But in business terms, not having customers for several days or a week equals severe downtime. When this happens, it means severe financial drains that could even shut down businesses permanently. Even though Canada is more used to winter storms, businesses don't always prepare enough for them. Here at Okanagan Telephone, we offer fully managed IT services in various departments, including a cloud solution. How could the cloud help you during a winter storm event? Sometimes it might go beyond winter events into the realm of human disaster you never thought would happen.

Accessing Your Data to Prevent Downtime

With power outages so common with major winter events, how would you be able to keep operating if the power is out for several days? Power companies frequently become overwhelmed trying to restore power to thousands of people, and it's never uncommon nowadays to have power out for longer than a day. Generators aren't necessarily practical because they cost so much. With your own company, you may not have the funds to afford several generators to keep your company running.

In these scenarios, you can't do anything except relocate. Although what happens when all your data is on your own server? Depending on an individual server is one of the biggest mistakes companies make today. With the cloud, you can place all your business data through an internal server accessible anywhere in the world online. If power is out for a week, you can go to another location with an Internet line and get your business back up running the same day.

Potential Human Disasters

Nature might be bad enough, though we know that having a server go down at the hand of someone online can bring everything to a standstill. With the recent Sony Pictures hacking incident, it proves any company is vulnerable to those who want to wreak havoc. These threats may soon be more of a threat in the future than any natural disaster. Regardless, with the cloud, your data is all there for access, plus monitored to avoid intrusions. No matter how the news media portrayed the cloud this year, it's still the safest method of digital storage and retrieval available. When every hour counts on downtime, you can't afford to sit around panicking on how to get your business back on its feet.

Contact us here at Okanagan Telephone so we can help you with a perfect cloud solution in the new year that will help prepare you for anything.


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