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IT Solutions

IT Solutions Overview

CONNECT understands your full business network, including remote and mobile users, and comprehensive data management while offering superb IT support

Managed IT Services

Our Managed IT Services Plan goes above and beyond, bringing you comprehensive IT support for uninterrupted operations.

On-Demand IT Services

Our team of skilled technicians are available to fix your IT issues as they occur, dispatching from local offices with around the clock response.

IT Consulting

CONNECT is an industry leader in analyzing, strategizing, implementing, and monitoring custom IT networks for all industries.

IT Security

Our team of IT experts gives you total peace of mind, keeping your network safe from outside threats and viruses.

Shaw Business Services

CONNECT is a Shaw Business Authorized Partner. Enjoy identical pricing, plus all the advantages of working with a local, expert provider.

Network Assessment

A Network Assessment is a common first step to identify your company's IT security threats, data backups systems, hardware/software issues, and optimization.

Hardware & Software

CONNECT supplies proven computer hardware & software to business throughout the Thompson-Okanagan.

General FAQ


It all depends on your business operations and the impact to business continuity in the event of data loss. At a minimum, we recommend backing up your data at least once every 24 hours. More frequent backup means less loss of data but may require more storage. If you treat backup like your personal hygiene - something you do regularly - it can prevent complications down the road.

We typically suggest you back up all your critical data at the very least. Basically, any data that is essential to keeping your business running should be backed up. By identifying core business processes, you can determine what data is critical (most often this will include accounting info, project documents, and HR data). Because storage is so inexpensive, the more data you backup the better. The next level is taking images of your servers which will allow full restoration of your servers when there is greater failure, and restoration to a new system may be required. Keep in mind that large amounts of data can take a longer time to restore.

A Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) is a process that outlines how to quickly and efficiently resume critical business functions following a disaster. Floods, fires and other natural disasters do happen, and companies need to be prepared. Disasters can also be human-induced, so proper DR is also applicable to assist in recovering from cybersecurity threats such as ransomware. DRP is part of overall business continuity planning.

Office 365 Migration

Because we run the migration in the background, we ensure you don’t have any downtime. We normally execute the full cut over overnight when you’re not in operation, and when you’re back in the office it’s only a matter of minutes for you to get going. We can also have a technician on standby on the go-live day for any users that require additional assistance in getting set up (i.e. Outlook on mobile, etc.)

On-premise hosting generally requires a greater up-front capital cost for hardware and software (and ongoing maintenance of licenses with the addition of new employees). It also presents a single point of failure on your network and requires a stable internet connection. Hosted Exchange, on the other hand, is cloud-based, provides easy user management, and removes the need to maintain hardware and licenses. An added bonus is that you will always have the latest patches and software without any added cost.

The actual migration project has a minimal upfront cost.You’ll also be surprised at how affordable Office 365 can be. The monthly subscription fee varies based on what licenses your organization needs on a per individual (or enterprise level) basis. From just email or Office only to a combination of both, monthly costs are predictable and easy.

Absolutely! One caveat to that is if you use old, antiquated email clients like Mozilla Thunderbird - we can usually still complete the migration, but it may take a little longer.Also, certain items like Signatures and Quick Parts may not carry over. It’s recommended that you save these (maybe send yourself an email with all of your Signatures and Quick Parts) so they can be added back later. Our team can let you know prior to starting and will help you every step of the way.

Managed Services

Our managed services agreement includes support for all workstations, servers, network infrastructure, software patching, monitoring and maintenance (failure alerts and remedies), and end-user support. Our monthly agreement is about being proactive versus reactive when it comes to supporting the overall IT infrastructure of your business. In addition to overall support, you also get access to a pool of IT resources (multiple technicians available for support), account management services (reviews, budgets, etc.), preferred pricing and procurement services for new hardware, and much more.We offer a comprehensive level of services so that our clients get the peace of mind in knowing that their business is fully covered.

Yes! Not only do we cover OS patching, but antivirus and malware protection are included as part of a managed services agreement as well.

While the managed services agreement doesn’t cover the cost of the hardware itself, we do provide preferred pricing. We’ll also help you with the procurement process and ensure you’re getting the right hardware to fit your needs. Once the hardware is purchased, we will configure, install and make sure it is running just the way you need.There may be additional fees for the setup and configuration of certain IT infrastructure components (i.e. servers, etc.), but costs will be presented and explained upfront for approval prior to proceeding.

Network Infrastructure

While the hardware itself isn’t included, support of it is. You get full service on your entire network infrastructure, — including any new appliances, security gateways, routers, access points, and cabling. If it’s on your network, we support it

Forget about those home-based routers you can buy anywhere. You’ll need industry-grade hardware that includes a firewall and that can also handle significant speeds. Each environment and business requirement can be different so we will assess and advise accordingly.

There are many potential reasons for this, but in most cases the hardware may be outdated and can’t handle the speed you’re paying for. Or, there may be a configuration issue, in which case we will work with you to determine the cause.

Just like that one room in your home that always has weak wi-fi, your office is no different. Your business can’t afford a weak signal, so you may need a new wi-fi access point to provide more coverage or it could also be some old cabling that needs to be replaced. Either way, we can conduct a full audit of your network infrastructure to get you the strong signal you need and deserve.


In a nutshell, cybersecurity is a way of protecting your workers, systems, and data from any threat of an outside attack. Cybersecurity covers people, process and technology. With more data and devices connected to the Internet than ever before, the risk for every organization is escalating — with no end in sight.

This is probably the most difficult question to answer. No matter how secure you believe you are, you’re probably not as secure as you think. Think about all the data breaches that happen to huge companies with huge security budgets. It’s a cold hard fact: you probably can never be secure enough. We can assist by recommending and implementing security measures, but we can’t stop an individual within an organization from clicking a link in a malicious email (for example). Best practices (training and enforcement) are a good step towards mitigating risks.

Companies are being attacked at an alarming rate, and hackers are using attacks like phishing to get what they want. The bad guys are relying on your employees to mess up. After all, humans are the weakest link in the cybersecurity chain, and employees are making split-second decisions on their devices all the time. It’s not hard for someone to click on something they shouldn’t or divulge privileged information. We offer end-user training and campaigns and can provide you with reports to see how your organization performs.

We cover all the basics: OS and software patching, antivirus, firewall and router configuration, and making sure your network is secure. The only thing that isn’t covered is cybersecurity education for your company. However, we do like to hold free lunch and learn events for our clients and can provide best practice guidelines. Enforcement of these practices is the real challenge. For example, overly aggressive password management policies can result in frustration and in more people writing their passwords down. Finding the right balance is important.

We will work with your company and your employees to get them up to speed with today’s alarming threat landscape. We’ll even go as far as sending employees test emails to see if they click on links they shouldn’t. We also work with our partners to conduct webinars and do everything we can to get everyone on board and prepared. Users who understand the types of threats out there will be more aware and will actually take pride in recognizing these threats and alerting their peers. Everyone likes to be a hero at some point


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