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Your business is safe with us. Keep your mind at ease, day in and day out, with our comprehensive IT security solutions.

Even the whisper of, "network security, hacker attacks, bots, spam, malware, viruses, data corruption, breach of privacy ..." (the list goes on), can make business owners shake in their boots. Security is often overlooked or oversimplified. For example, the classic, "...but, I used anti-virus software!" And, in turn, the consequence can be incredibly damaging to your day-to-day operations. At CONNECT, we want to help local organizations in the Thompson-Okanagan prevent IT security mistakes.

Our services cover all the necessary aspects:

  • Policies and Training: IT support begins with your organizational attitude. By outlining strict IT policies, all of your employees are on the same page about security expectations and will have a greater understanding of possible blind spots.
  • Firewalls & Antivirus: from a technology point of view, a modern firewall and antivirus software are crucial. Often your first line of defense, your firewall blocks harmful data/websites/attacks before they can do damage. It acts as a barrier between your office (or remote workstation) and the web. At CONNECT, we also recommend Avast Antivirus, a cloud-based, virtual bodyguard for your network. Email protection keeps your inbox safe from phishing, and advanced tracking means files, attachments, and URLs being communicated on your network are scanned to protect you from secretive spyware or malware.
  • Passwords: Passwords are the most vulnerable access point on your office computer network. Addressing 'human factor' is a critical aspect of business network security. CONNECT has procedures and tools to share with your team (and they won't even make you want to pull your hair out!).
  • Software Updates: Software updates are how software companies plug up vulnerable areas. Failing to update your software can leave your computer open to hacker attacks. Patches aren’t always the answer though. Our Security audit will uncover legacy software or systems that are weak links in your armour.
  • Tracking and Diligence: IT security is an endless process because attackers never rest. Policies must be reviewed. Employees must be educated on new platforms. Passwords and software must be updated. CONNECT's IT Security experts will guide your company through the best practices.

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