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Yes, Your Company Needs an IT Consultant

IT service consultant

An IT Services Consultant offers temporary expertise when you need it

Technology is a wonderful thing for your business, and you depend on it to run seamlessly so it can help you CONNECT with clients and do what you do best. But technology moves at such a rapid pace, and keeping up with all the advancements—not to mention the increasing threat of viruses, malware, and data loss—is becoming difficult to the point of being overwhelming.

Okanagan Businesses and IT – between a rock and hard place

Picture an average company in Kelowna, Vernon, Penticton or Kamloops… if you’re large enough to have an IT specialist on staff, they’re likely kept on their toes. Or possibly overworked and may be looking for a new job! If you don’t have a dedicated IT person, your staff is taking on that responsibility, and they’re probably not experienced enough with advanced IT functions and pitfalls. To make matters worse, maintaining even basic IT functions is expensive and consumes a lot of company resources. The costs of managing or upgrading your own equipment add up quickly.

There is no better time to look at the benefits of working with a local IT services consultant. Our Senior IT personnel can work with your internal resources on a project or recurring basis. Whether it’s a being a sounding board for a large upgrade, or just getting X and Y working, consultants make good business sense. It’s just like the old adage, “measure twice, cut once.”A bit of strategic planning (based often on what NOT to do) goes a long way.

IT Consultants – fill in your company’s knowledge/skill gap

No matter what type of business you’re in, streamlining operations is critical to the company’s success, and IT is a big part of that equation. The ability to plan ahead to avoid business interruptions related to your computer network is more important than ever. By being proactive, you get the peace of mind that can be achieved when you’re not stressed about the more complicated tech problems like data backups, antivirus, email issues, firewalls, data loss, training users, and CONNECTing remote workers.

An experienced IT services consultant can be a helpful and effective partner in proactively solving your IT problems because they’ve been there, and done that. With a trusted IT consultant to rely on, whoever is in charge of IT—whether it’s your IT person or office manager—can effectively handle his or her business priorities. With all the resources you save by leveraging that expertise, you can reclaim the resources to disrupt, innovate, or maintain that competitive advantage your business requires.

Some IT consultants even handle everything for you, providing a fully managed solution for a fixed fee. Having a trusted partner to team up with on these critical IT functions—especially without having to worry about variable costs—makes tremendous financial sense.

CONNECT – the local, trusted resource for IT services

IT today is like a very complicated puzzle. Just when you think you’ve got things put together, you realize there are a few missing pieces. An IT consultant can CONNECT those complicated pieces to produce a clear picture for your business.

It’s all about making sure you’re doing your best to CONNECT people to data. Your business depends on it, and you need a partner you can rely on.

Building on 30 years of local connections, now there’s one company to call for expert Telecom and IT services. CONNECT offers full computer network support, desktop, server and hardware sales, installation, and on-site service. Future focused, we’re excited to provide expert, high-quality IT and Telecom services backed by our industry-leading written guarantee.

Contact CONNECT, and we’ll clearly demonstrate how you can reduce risk, reduce costs, and increase profits by working with a trusted IT consultant on a project or a fully managed solution.


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