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Avast: One of the Best Antivirus Platforms for Your Business

Avast antivirus

Is your business protected by an antivirus platform like Avast?

Antivirus software is absolutely vital, regardless of what industry you’re in, to ensure that your IT security can stand up to attackers. In the modern, digital work business environment, everyone should have strong IT and data security protocols in place. This is especially the case for small or medium sized businesses because attackers often prey on these organizations due to the fact that they often don’t have the same level of cybersecurity protection as larger companies. What they lack in size, they also often lack in protection, making it more effective for hackers to bring in several smaller fish versus one whale. Don’t despair. There are plenty of great software options for ensuring that your antivirus and IT security keep your company safe.

At CONNECT, we use a system called Avast. All of our technicians know Avast inside and out, to ensure that every one of our IT security clients reaps all of the benefits of this excellent antivirus platform. These benefits are wide-ranging, comprehensive, and include the following:

Antivirus: Scans files and programs before allowing them to open or run

CyberCapture: Sends suspicious files to the Threat Lab for analysis

Behaviour Shield: Stops dangerous programs and applications on your device

Web Shield: Blocks dangerous websites before they open

Email Shield: Continuously checks for threats in incoming and outgoing emails

Anti-Spam: Blocks unwanted spam and phishing emails

Smart Scan: Quickly checks for any performance or security issues

Sandbox: A safe environment to test dubious files and programs

Wi-Fi Inspector: Discovers vulnerabilities in your network

Real Site: Keeps you away from fake sites designed to steal your data

Rescue Disk: Creates an external backup to salvage compromised PCs

Software Defender: Automatically updates your installed software to help prevent hacks

Data Shredder: Permanently deletes files you don’t want to be recovered

Browser Cleanup: Erases junk files slowing down your browser

Webcam Shield: Alerts you before your webcam is turned on to protect your privacy

Passwords: Protects your passwords and streamlines your online accounts

SecureLine VPN: Makes open, vulnerable networks safe, anywhere in the world

At CONNECT, we also use Avast as our connection to remotely work on our clients’ computers, as well as our method to push out new Windows updates. This creates synergy between security tools. If you’re worried that your antivirus isn’t up to snuff, come talk to us today about how Avast can improve your IT security to keep your company safe.

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