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Why Use Managed IT Services?

Why should a company have managed IT services? What is the advantage to outsourcing your entire IT services plan to an outside company? Some companies prefer to handle their IT services themselves and "in-house," due to the fact that it is easier to ask someone within their organization to do it. However, this detracts from the regular work schedule that the person is supposed to do and can create more problems due to their lack of knowledge in IT. Smaller companies often do this, and it ends up costing them much more in the long run.

Some companies have opted to spend the money on a managed IT services plan due to the money that can be saved in the long run, and the downtime they can save by having a plan in place to take over when their system goes down.

This becomes even more important in the case of a disaster. In fact, many experts recommend that a managed IT services plan is the ideal system to have in place in the event of a disaster and that it should be a part of your regular disaster plan.

Preparing for the unexpected is just a part of business and it is the smart business manager or owner who prepares for these eventualities. The problem with technology is that you don't want to wait until something breaks down before you do something about it. The key to smooth operations involving your IT system is to keep it maintained along the way, so that you won't be out of business when something goes wrong. Also, with regular maintenance checks, your system will be less prone to problems and chances are, it won't go down at all, if it is regularly maintained.

There are actually several advantages to managed IT services, including:

  • You minimize downtime by having a professional you can contact immediately whenever you have a problem. Tech support is very critical in today's business world, because we rely on our technology so completely. If even one thing breaks down, it can slow down your efficiency in your organization for hours or even days.
  • You control hardware and software costs by having an efficient system in place which is always there for you. By relying on a managed IT plan, you put the hardware and software issues with an outside firm which is trained and skilled in hardware and software so you don't have to worry about it.
  • You do not have to ask your regular staff to handle IT problems which are unrelated to their normal job with your firm. This saves time and money and you don't have to use regular staff to handle tech issues.
  • You have assurance that the system that is in place is efficient and backed by certified technicians.
  • There will be less repair time involved with your technology, due to the fact that your managed IT service people will regularly monitor and maintain your system.
  • You save money in the long run by keeping up with potential problems on the front end, saving you money in the long run.

If you need the help of a managed IT services plan, contact us. And get back to work without worry about what your technology is doing.


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