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On Cloud Collaboration

Microsoft Office Cloud

Once upon a time there was a company called IBM. They had strange ideas ahead of their time, but a hundred years later they would transform the world. Maybe you've heard of them, because today they're a giant. But what you might not have heard is how new innovations in cloud services have made them a giant of the future.

Now cloud computing has its once upon a time too, but its only just recently walked upon the stage of innovative stardom. Its real claim to fame is the centralized data storage accessible from nearly every media device, 24 hours a day, instantly. As a result, team efforts have skyrocketed productivity.

No matter where in the world your employees reside, they can sync up, tune in, and battle documents collectively. What once took a team weeks to finish, take a matter of minutes to complete. The time spent ping-ponging emails back and forth and taking turns to work on a file, can now be cut tenfold and work can be be tackled collaboratively and in real-time.

This combined force of efficiency only helps every inch of your business. To back that statement up, a survey down by the helpful Frost & Sullivan found that companies which invested in collaboration technology had a 400% return on investment.

So is the cloud right for you? Only if you want to save your money.

A Story

In the small town of Kelowna, a corporation had a need. Faced with little capital, the business wanted to revamp their antiquated Windows Server systems to accommodate their mobile workforce. So the Kelowna Corporation partnered with Okanagan Telehone/Connect-IT. Their strategy? To move email and online meetings to the cloud. And to get quickly to the happy ending, their company saved tens of thousands of dollars in capital. Today, they're saving $25,000 annually.

The Lesson

Without the tedium of technical manuals and how to's( though quite important ) and to say it simply: cloud services are transforming businesses. While its real potential is unknown, its future is in collaboration. Sales reps can connect, share documents, access data, revise reports, ask questions, and give feedback instantly. This synthesis of effort and data crowns your business with foresighted mobility, gives agility to market data mined from BI, and arms you with customer insights and strategy culled from every brain on your team. The immediacy of cloud services is changing businesses as we know them. If you want to save money, cut time, and arrow your productivity for efficiency, contact us today, and join the future.


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