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Is your IT Provider charging too much for your laptop?

Have you ever wondered why your IT provider quotes you $850 for a replacement laptop but when you go and check out some prices online you can find laptops for $450?

It is a good question and one that we get asked all the time. The short and simple answer when it comes to computers (and all other business electronics for that matter) is "you get what you pay for"! Sure some resellers are slightly more competitive than others but you cannot and should not compare a business grade laptop to a consumer grade laptop. For more dedicated or serious work use, invest in a business grade computer, which offers more value in the long run than the consumer counterpart. Business computers are built to last, with higher quality components that are tested more rigorously. Parts used for consumer computers may be more generic or even cheap, while computers designed for professional use more often include higher grade materials from the power supply to the memory.

Business computer systems also come with better support options and may be more easily supported by your employer's IT department as well. The default warranty on business computers is usually longer than those on consumer models. Business users also tend to get priority support, via a dedicated support line, and you can opt for on-site tech support available within hours rather than having to send in your computer for repair, which could take weeks

Business grade computers are designed to reflect and support companies' critical reliability and performance needs. If you're buying a laptop or desktop PC to make money (i.e., for work), invest in one designed for business users and the investment should pay off in terms of better reliability, easier troubleshooting, and more professional features. If you find a consumer model that you're interested in, check if the manufacturer offers a similar model in its business division. So don't think your IT provider is trying to oversell you. They are likely trying to ensure that you have the proper equipment the first time around which will minimize the amount of support that you will require from them!


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