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What To Look For In A Business Grade Laptop


Computers are an integral part of nearly all businesses, and many also need to use computer software and access databases while remaining mobile. Often, in these cases, simply buying a consumer grade laptop is the best option. Consumer grade laptops are able to handle many businesses' needs, as these tasks are often similar or identical to some consumer uses. But, for more demanding work loads, and for greater durability, business grade laptops are the better option. Especially for remote workers and home based employees who need a capable and durable device, business grade laptops are a good investment.
There are a few concrete differences between business grade laptops and consumer laptops, but many products blur the line a little, for example Apple's line of Macbook Pro laptops. Business grade laptops have thicker, more rigid bodies and are made with more durable materials than consumer laptops, usually hefty plastic or light metals such as aluminum and magnesium. Since manufacturers are targeting a business market, there is much less emphasis on looks than on the ability to withstand a drop. When searching for a business grade laptop, a good feature to look out for is durability testing. Most computer manufacturers will pay to have laptops in their business lines tested and certified to a certain degree of durability so you have an idea of how much abuse the laptop can take.

Panasonic has the ultra tough business grade laptop market somewhat cornered, with the aptly named "Toughbook" line of laptops, but HP, Lenovo and Dell--some of the biggest business laptop manufacturers--all carry business grade laptops of varying degrees of durability, most of which are certified to withstand drops, and some of which are also splash and dust proof. Typically, these laptops have failures rates approximately 100 times less than consumer grade laptops, which is another defining quality of business grade laptops--they won't break down nearly as easily.

HP laptop

If you're looking for a business grade laptop, almost all computer manufacturers that carry consumer grade laptops also carry business grade laptops, but the big three players are HP, Lenovo and Dell. These companies carry a variety of business grade laptops ranging from the basic, cost-effective models made for basic tasks and durability, such as Dell's Vostro line or HP's ProBook line, to the mission critical high performance models such as Dell's Precision line or Lenovo's ThinkPad W line.
Not every business needs to invest in a laptop in the business grade price range, but if your business needs a mobile high performance machine or a durable low cost one, a laptop from a business line can be a useful asset.


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