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Unified Communications -- iFusion iPhone Dock

iPhones have become ubiquitous, not only as a personal smart-phone, but also as a powerful business tool. They can handle calendars and email, not to mention an array of personal apps. Coupled with a PBX system to link them to a business telephone system, they can be a very useful device for remote workers and home based employees.

Apple iPhone

An iPhone can be used as a remote IP phone connected to a cloud based PBX system, which is very useful for employees when away from the office. But when employees are at the office, having a costly IP telephone becomes redundant considering they already have a smartphone in their pocket which has all the same functionality. Smartphones are, in fact, much less expensive than IP phones, when considering their components, because demand for smartphones has risen so drastically in recent years. The iFusion is a great solution to the redundancy introduced when an employee has both an iPhone and a business IP telephone. It is a docking station for the iPhone, compatible with 3G, 3GS, 4, and 4S. It is also compatible with the iPhone 5 when coupled with a Lightning adaptor. The iFusion is a cost-effective option for replacing an IP phone with an iPhone: rather than paying for both an iPhone and an IP phone, the cost is an iPhone and the iFusion dock, which is significantly less expensive than a dedicated IP phone. It is a great solution as it works with pre-existing equipment: any business headsets and business telephone systems will work just as well with the iFusion as with traditional IP phones. What the iFusion dock essentially allows is the use of the iPhone's "brains" and diverse communications capabilities to replicate the functions of the more costly IP enabled business telephones. It also works with existing plantronics headsets and is fully compatible with business telephone lines.

iFusion smartphone dock

The iFusion has integrated Bluetooth, speakerphone, and a high-speed iPhone charging dock. It is compatible with existing iPhone PBX apps, so it can fit right into your existing telephone system. Not only does allow the exact same functionality as a traditional IP phone, it also boasts some unique features. Since there is now an iPhone on the desk, employees can use the built-in front-facing camera to join video-conferences without an extra webcam device, using apps from Apple's App Store or the pre-installed FaceTime. The speakerphone can also be used to play any music that may be downloaded to the iPhone. This is a cool new product that can save some money and add some functionality to the workstation. Using the processing power of the iPhone is a great idea instead of buying another business phone with extra, unnecessary components.


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