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iFusion SmartStation Makes iPhone a Desk Phone

The iPhone has many advantages over standard office phones, but one of them isn't comfort. Spending a large portion of your work day on the phone requires a decent desk phone that can be easily held. For those looking to integrate their iPhone with an office phone, AltiGen Communications showed off their iFusion SmartStation at the Macworld Expo.

The dock comes in white or black and instantly converts your iPhone into a standard desk phone. With a built-in USB cable the iPhone can be charged and synced while docked. Bluetooth connects the iPhone and with A2DP streaming iPhone music can be played using the SmartStation speaker.

Of course the SmartStation sports a full duplex speakerphone, and can be used with its own companion PBX app which provides eneterprise level phone management features. The accessory is compatible with the iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4. Using a Bluetooth earpiece, VoIP or SIP applications and even FaceTime is possible while docked in the SmartStation. For connection to external speakers there's even a stereo mini jack.

We all know that more and more business is being done on mobile phones and it looks like Altigen is definitley on the right track!

iFusion SmartStation Phone


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